A Seminar against begging

Our fifth day was about the outstanding of children begging and begging at general inside the city streets. Seminar was held at the Nile Media center in Assiut City.

All of the attendances and members shared by giving their opinions for this problems as solutions. For me as a member I talked about my project in this matter and the solving problem as closely solutions. The problem is that :

How small children are allowed to beg inside the city daily and at late time inside streets?

What is the role of society against this problem?

  • reasons for this problem: poverty , unemployment , ignorance , illitracy , many children inside poor families , dropping of schools and divorce cases.
  • Solutions: saving care housing for them, saving Learning for their right in life and simple professions for them to spend their time effectively and one day we will see these bad people changed into good and creative one to build their societies.
  • against begging inside street video



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